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Abandoned Ore Mill

May 2017

13 responses to “Abandoned Ore Mill”

  1. I’m sure this was a very busy mill years back, I just wondered why it was abandoned. You gave it a good shot still..

  2. Just imagining how much millions has been made here but now abandoned. Looks like wasnt long it stopped working

  3. You are good at bring memories back Tom. The abandoned ore mill must have really made enough profits when they were still functioning. Nice photography job.

  4. Still looks like a respectable mill that only needs a few refurbishments. The grassy landscape is really vibrant with rich texture. I could see it being the perfect spot in the future.

  5. Ore mill? It is for coal? If it is then It must have been past its hay day. It looks good though. At least from the outside looking in. Very good shot.

  6. Does not look abandoned to me. The structure is still bright and looks like there still activity going on.

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