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Abandoned Rental Cabin


May 2015

22 responses to “Abandoned Rental Cabin”

  1. This rental cabin must have really fetched the owner enough cash be the abandoning. You made the shot from the right angle.

  2. Too bad that this cabin was abandoned, I wish there were more places like this ope, where to enjoy the nature.

  3. This cabin is barely holding itself together. Could make a good hideaway though in the woods and away from society.

  4. People can make this place more lively. It looks dull and in the verge of collapse. A restoration maybe in order. If not, take it down just to be safe.

  5. This cabin is located is a very good place, fresh oxygen always but it’s now been abandoned and not habitable for man. Lovely trees around. Output is superb

  6. I am sure this cabin is affected by water that’s why it is raised abit above the ground level. This is a detailed photography, nice job friend

  7. This place is a good place for horror films. I can’t live here alone until it gets renovated. Nice shot!

  8. It looks like it was a standout amongst other rental lodges around. I wonder why it was deserted.

  9. If I were a kid, I would probably play in that old cabin. Such a nice photo. It reminds me of my childhood playing the woods.

  10. I bet the cabin is crawling with all manner of creepy animals. It doesn’t help much that it is in the middle of the woods.

  11. One has to be very brave to live here. I don’t think I could spend a single night here haha.

  12. This cabin is best salvaged for its wood. I don’t think it is of any use in this condition.

  13. Looks like the cabin wasn’t cared for well enough. Were that the case, it would still be in use.

  14. Yet another abandoned cabin. It’s always to see a house abandoned when there are people with no shelter.

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