28 thoughts on “Abandoned School Bus

  1. Woow, what’s this school bus doing out in the woods? Did you purposely plant it hear? I’m in total shock.

  2. Hmmmm…this looks like a crime scene…lol, anyhow…how were you able to find such beauty? are you using a drone to look for some things in the woods?

  3. I kept wondering what lead the bus to that angle. Nice and cool photo shot there Tom.

  4. I wonder how this bus is standing in that position. I really love this amazing photo.

  5. It’s a bit odd why it’s parked in the middle of nowhere. It doesn’t look like there is a road in the area.

  6. Tha’s a very unusual space for abandoning a schooll bus. Though the picture looks very cool.

  7. Well, I really wonder why the old school bus was just left there. Even the position has been set in such a way as to be in the middle of the two trees.

  8. This looks an abandoned bus in the bush but then the photo look cool in the eyes. I like the photo.

  9. Looks like the bus crashed into the woods. I love the white and black effect, it’s a nice concept if the bus was placed their intentionally.

  10. Why is this bus parked in this place, or is it intentionally place for the concept ? I love the effect, even when the green is not visible in the plant, I still love it.

  11. That’s a strange place to abandon a school bus. It would have made sense if it were in a school park or something.

  12. I doubt whether this school bus can be given a second lease of life. Fixing it up would cost as much as buying a new one.

  13. Looks like it was a nice school bus when it was still new. Unfortunately everything comes to an end at some point.

  14. I feel like this is harmful to the environment. The school bus should be dumped in a more responsible manner.

  15. I am sure the bus served well during its time. It can now finally get its much needed rest.

  16. I honestly can’t recall the last time I saw a bus like this. These were useed such a long time ago!!

  17. The abandoned school bus is now a scrap. I doubt it can be repaired to funcrfun properly any more

  18. In our area a lot of transport is like this right now abandoned and not on the road thanks to this crisis. A school bus for that matter is rendered obsolete since there is no school. I think this photo is a presentation of that.

  19. I’m sure there are a lot of memories left in the bus. A lot of students enjoyed this ride going to school and going home.

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