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Abandoned Snack Bar

March 2017

21 responses to “Abandoned Snack Bar”

  1. This isn’t pleasing to the eyes, the whole place is a mess. I hope something is done about this in no time.

  2. This is disgusting for a diner. If you are on food sanitation is a must. With this mess it deserves to be shut down. A very sad sight indeed.

  3. What!! What happened to to investment. Lost of memories here, I wish this can really come back to place. Detailed pic man

  4. This is an abandoned investment that needs revisit. If revisited, it will yield profit than before I presume.

  5. Cant for any reason stay or eat here, really badly abandoned. Wasted place that needs to be put back to place.

  6. This is one place I wouldn’t want to step my foot in. It has become a shadow of it’s self. Not nice looking at all

  7. How come the coca cola cups look so pristine while the rest looks disheveled and unkempt? This could serve as a good ad!

  8. I bet this lonely bar brought a good time to people in the past. I love the angle and the topic for the picture.

  9. A little bit messy kind of a diner. Like people just left the place as it is. The kind where you left your table after eating. What could probably happen to that place? It was just abandoned like that easily.

  10. At one point, this snack bar probably was quite famous among the locals in the area. Now that it’s abandoned, the memories some may have had of it are fading away, day by day. Further analysis of the Diet Coke logos (from on the cups may indicate that this snack bar operated sometime around 1987 to 1994, as that particular logo came out during that time.

    I wonder what the name of that snack bar was, and what made up the cuisine, back then.

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