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Abandoned Storage Barn

Abandoned Storage Barn

April 2015

14 responses to “Abandoned Storage Barn”

  1. The barn should be salvaged and the timber used for something else. They can even be re-purposed to make a new structure.

  2. Beats me why the barn was abandoned. With a little fixing I think it could still be used.

  3. I see these in movies, It usually is just a pen for horses. At least that is how we use it off mostly. I do not have that yet but richer families do.

  4. It really boggles my mind why people would suddenly abandon a lot of places. I guess they have their own reasons. Somehow, I feel that kind of sadness just from these abandoned places, the “sadness” felt when their owners left them after being in good use for such a long time. And this is one of those shots that capture that quite perfectly.

  5. I’m sure the owner is no longer farming because this barn still looks good. This is a photo well taken.

  6. Even though it’s a little rundown, I love the exterior of this building. The time of day is very scenic too with the bright blue sky. Thanks for sharing.

  7. This is a nice picture..I wonder why the owner abandoned it..its still intact though..

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