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Abandoned Stucco House


May 2016

22 responses to “Abandoned Stucco House”

  1. What is that a plant? A crop of sort? Anyway this still looks like it is still in good shape. A little cleaning and it will be of use once more. Stucco huh???

  2. I wonder why this house was abandoned, I think it was not what was expected and possibly the owner is going to sell it.

  3. A quite simple stucco house. It looks a little bit small on the outside, but it’s surely big inside.

  4. A very simple and extraordinary house. It appears small from outside but it is big from inside.

  5. Something strikes me as odd about this house. I don’t think it’s meant for human habitation.

  6. On keen observation I can see that the house has a slight slant to it. It may fall down soon.

  7. The thing that fascinates me about Stucco houses is their resistance to fire. It’s sad we don’t have many of them left anymore.

  8. Creepy and abandoned houses is beginning to be your forte. I sure hope to see more of it here. Thank you so much!

  9. Awww, this stuco house makes me think of the books wrotten by Emily Bronte. it looks very nostalgic and dramatic.

  10. Still looks good to me. A little cleaning and renovation will be great. Can still be used as stucco.

  11. Looks like it’s all grass. Though it looks great for a farm house, especially a store.

  12. Well, with such conditions it really has been abandoned. Even weeds have filled the entrance.

  13. I’m sure this stucco house served its purpose before it was abandoned. Just a little clean up it will be useful again.

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