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Abandoned Supermarket

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15 responses to “Abandoned Supermarket”

  1. This shows the time that we are in. The pandemic has brought closure of our groceries stores.

  2. IS it cause by the pandemic or is it bankrupt? I hope this will be restored. It’s a nice supermarket.

  3. Lots of abandoned supermarket or there due to the pandemic out there . But so sure it will receive life once this is over. Nice effect

  4. Looks like it just ran out of stock. More like the inventory is just consumed and they never restocked.

  5. It’s a partial abandonment, its gonna be functional again very soon. Nice output guy, simply cool

  6. Wow, I’ve never before seen a supermarket abandoned. I’m wondering why did they left the place.

  7. This is something that we can all relate to these days. I am positive that this is temporary.

  8. The supermarket looks clean and well organized. Why the abandonment. Nice and cool output photo.

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