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Abandoned Trailer

Abandoned Trailer
January 2015

18 responses to “Abandoned Trailer”

  1. I can remember the movie 40 days of nights in this setting. It’s very lonely and scary place.

  2. It does not look like a trailer though. Then again it must be the fate of things that are in the snow huh??? If it is a human it would be dead. This environment is harsh.

  3. This looks like a mobile house not a truck, maybe the container at the back. The effect makes it cool and I see snow.

  4. I see this trailer is still in great shape in this image. Moreover, this trailer seems to have a large space. If nobody wants it, can I have it.

  5. I can say this looks like an art work, really cool and unique. Its lovely and I see this truck is like a mobile house.

  6. The background is looking awesome. You did a good job here Tom. I like the way you beautify the photo as well.

  7. It’s a strange location for a trailer, but te picture has certain beauty, like a painting.

  8. The aura of the shot makes it look ancient. I’ve never seen such a clear landscape. Very unique.

  9. This photo looks classic maybe because of the dominant white color due to the snow. I wonder why this trailer was abandoned and what it was used for before.

  10. surreal and beautiful. This pictures shows how realistic a photo can be. I can feel the cold air and warm setting of the place.

  11. This is a nice and cool photograph one can use as wallpaper. I love it much. Good job from your end Tom.

  12. The original color of this trailer does not look the same as it was at the beginning as it blends in with the ice on the ground.

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