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Abandoned Truck In The Woods

Abandoned-Truck-In The-Woods-2

March 2015


34 responses to “Abandoned Truck In The Woods”

  1. A times I wonder why on earth should people abandoned such an expensive asset like this. The picture quality is superb.

    • I wonder what would have happened for the truck to have been abandoned. Nice shot but it looks creepy though.

  2. This abandoned truck just tell me that any asset we own and didn’t maintain properly, so many thing takes it for granted. Here we see snow, wood making there show here

  3. The site looks like a dumping site already. I can see tires abandoned along site with the truck. I wish the machine can be repaired to run again

  4. This is a hidden treasure in the woods. It just requires someone who has an eye for abandoned stuff to turn it into something great.

  5. Awesome pic. I love the commanding red of the truck, which makes it stand out in the snowy setting. Thanks for the killer shot!

  6. Abandoned smack in the middle of the woods. The driver could have been running away from something. Those woods look dangerous.

  7. Looking at the picture, I remember the horror movie I watched entitled Wrong Turn. Overall, the shot was very good.

  8. I Would not say abandoned but rather it is just parked for me. If anything the bike looks abandoned more than the truck lol, Seriously!!! IT looks that way.

  9. I think the truck was an old model so it doesn’t work anymore and the owner had to abandoned it. Nonetheless, the truck still looks great. I love your photo.

  10. This looks like something out of a murder mystery movie. Abandoned trucks in the middle of nowhere are always something unnerving to discover especially if you are hiking alone in that patch of wintry woods.

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