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Abandoned Utility Truck


August 2016

23 responses to “Abandoned Utility Truck”

  1. Thos is a money making machinery abandoned for the bush. Most have been forgotten for long that allows bush to take over. Lovely picture guy

  2. Very nice contrast of colors Tom, I love the shadows hiding under the trees. I’m wondering why did this truck was left behind.

  3. No so long abandoned truck, really wont require alot of work to get it running again. Lovely caption with the trees as the backdrop

  4. It really looks like the perfect weather to shoot pictures. It also helps that the truck is a sunny yellow color as well. Overall great composition and atmosphere.

  5. Abandoned right in the middle of the woods. It almost feels like whoever abandoned it was running away from something.

  6. The truck may be abandoned but it does look like something that could still be used. I believe with some repairs it would come back to life.

  7. Is the truck broken? It still looks good to me!!! Never the less it sure stands out huh? Well at least locating it for a fix will not be hard. I mean how hard it is to miss a YELLOW truck?

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