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December 2018


16 responses to “Abbey”

  1. Aww such a very cute cat! It’s so rare to see all golden brown ones, at least where I live. You’re so lucky to be in the company of one.

  2. This looks a cute little cat,though I don’t like cats or even keep them as a pet. I have always prefer dogs as pet better than cats.

  3. This cat looks very deep in thought. It really looks laser focused, which makes for a great snapshot. Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is cuter. Do not get me wrong the first photo was good but I prefer the gold brown fur. It stands out.

  5. I do like cats around me. They do have a nice feeling with the certain looks and postures. Just amazing!

  6. Cute cat..very fluffy…I wish I could keep it although I don’t keep cats,I can make an expectation

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