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September 2017

13 responses to “Abyss”

  1. This looks unsanitary. It does not look that deep though. It looks like a place where a flood just subsided. Good photo at least.

  2. I like the abstract zimbolism of the picture cause it may have different interpretations. For me it could be ” save me from the darkness”

  3. It is quite a clever title choice for the picture. It seems like an ordinary lifebuoy in a rain, but your editing choice makes it feel like staring at an “abyss”.

  4. Total abyss. Love the black and white mantra and the staleness of the water. Looking forward to seeing more pics.

  5. Yeah, if from a different perspective. See what if a ring buoy is not needed, it will be left just like that! In fact, sometimes it will be very helpful when needed…

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