• Wilson Jake

    Accordion players are really rear to find now adays cause of the many new instruments we have nowadays. Well the tunes from this instrument is just amazing.

  • Pierre Taichou

    Thinking of the title, I only pictured an accordion. However, I did not expect to see the accordion player. It’s good that he’s out there still playing despite the ongoing pandemic. I must say that I find his attire interestingly stylish.

  • esgyll

    I really want to learn how to play an accordion. HE really looks like he is having fun. Now if only he can take the mask off again in a COVID free world.

  • Alex

    to be fair no one is around so he can play no problem. Accordion is a very rare instrument though. I do not remember seeing one aside from photos like this. That said, it looks fun.

  • Glad

    I can’t remember when last I saw this kind of instrument. The accordion takes skill to play, and it is obvious from the pic that the man handling it is skilful and ready to play.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    This instrument looks standalone to me because they rarely exist in our environment nowadays. Other musical instruments has taken there parts. No the less, I love accordions.

  • conrad pranze villas

    I really would like to learn how to play this instrument. But I think I would be having a hard time learning. By the looks of it, I think the person in the picture have been playing that for more than a decade.

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