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Adobe House

Adobe House

December 2019

18 responses to “Adobe House”

  1. It is a cozy and thermal house through the floor and the wooden door, although it needs some tweaking.

  2. Looks more like a shack or a cottage than a house. The lighting’s great and so is the camera placement.

  3. Wow , I had no idea that there were houses builted like this in counttries outside of South America.. The house looks ver interesing and makes me think of Italy and Colombia

  4. Nice house. Just needs a bit of lighting since the background is not that bright to begin with. I do not like the white wall but the brown door is good. White tends to be easily soiled for me. I prefer the wood/brown hue.

  5. A nice interior to behold but it thus empty, I hope this wasn’t abandoned as well because it still looks habitable.

  6. I’m just wondering the name Adobe house given to this particular house, what it really depict now. It all good all the same.

  7. Lol, “Adobe”.. I just immediately thought of the name on the software. It looks a little unique to me, because it takes this picture from the inside out.

  8. Looks too neat to be an abandoned house if it is. Its previous owners did a really good job of taking care of it.

  9. This is a perfect description for this house. I can’t really see the connection between the name and the house, but it fits perfectly.

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