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Afraid Of What I Might Find

Afraid Of What I Might Find

September 2019

13 responses to “Afraid Of What I Might Find”

  1. Colourful landscape, but suspicious looking house. It could also just be a shady looking thrift shop.

  2. With a house like this, I believing that nice things could be found in there. Beautiful environment with a calm ambience.

  3. Ahh, ofcourse you should be afraid of what you will find. So many unwanted visitors are waiting for you inside Tom. Great picture guy.

  4. I’m wondering same what could be right inside this building. It seem an abandoned house. You can step in Tom, you never know what could be useful to you on there.

  5. Well, the place looks abandoned but at least is not falling down in pieces. I’m curious about what is inside.

    • It’s a bit creepy if you’re looking at it outside. It looks like an old antique house.

  6. The compound doesn’t seem to be very well kept. Looks like the house hasn’t been visited for a while.

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