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November 2020

14 responses to “Afterglow”

  1. That building looks like a restaurant to me. And, it seems the place, where people are quite less and there is peace.

  2. Wow, this really looks natural. Just like I sun set on this building. I love this, so cool and peaceful.

  3. The very nostalgic building, I’m sure that this factory used to be very active many years ago, and probably paid for many people salaries.

  4. As the sun sets, it gives this building a nice outlook. The cloud and surrounding adds to the beautifull scenario. I love the picture.

  5. I may say that it really does give an afterglow look. Though the building looks a little bit old but sure the place is still in good condition. Al in all I love how the picture was taken. So beautiful at all.

  6. Nice glow and beautiful color contrasts. There’s a lot to marvel at in this shot between the birds, the sky, the trees and the infrastructure. Great work once again, Tom!

  7. This is like an end credit scene where people hang out when everything is over? Granted it is a bit worn out but a few repairs should take care of that.

  8. These two photographs seem very well taken to me, the difference from one to the other is that in one there were 9 birds and in the other 13.

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