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Afternoon Light

October 2018

10 responses to “Afternoon Light”

  1. At least it is now with light. Makes it less creepy. Old stuff must be taken like this not the monotone black and gray thing.

  2. Oh wow, That picture reminds me of a movie called Matrix. It looks a lot like the room where Neo meet the oraculum for second time. I really like that movie

  3. Well lit room, it gives sharpness to the room. One can have a good thought while sitting in there about one’s future.

  4. I always like to stay in a room like this. the light in the room depicts good energy than staying in a dark room. I like the photo.

  5. Such gentle lighting. Reminds me of cozy afternoons, just lazing around in the living room or kitchen.

  6. The light from the window almost looks divine. The emphasis on the light is great in contrast to the plain looking room. Thanks for sharing.

  7. The picture looks very serene and calming. The light captured the calmness of the room. It reminds me of my grandmother’s place.

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