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August 2019

10 responses to “Agway”

  1. I’m just wondering what this photo is all about but the color effect is appealing to the eye and you made a good shot of it.

  2. It’s kind of interesting and rather a bit creepy when you find clothes in abandoned places. It’s like the people who lived there suddenly vanished and they left everything as it were for other people to find it, wondering about those vanished lives shrouded in mystery.

  3. Just caught the Agway hat. It’s a little faint, but it’s there! Love the horseshoe in the right corner too.

  4. Nice photography work there. This must be a room for factory workers to hang their factory wear. The picture quality is fantastic.

  5. This looks a room set aside for worker’s change of clothes. To you captured that perfectly well.

  6. A common view in our room. We always do this if we are to use the clothes again at home.

  7. This picture reminds me of the days in the farm, when leaving the stuff behind the door to go get ready to have the dinner.

  8. This looks like a farm store, just by the look of the clothe wear. You did a nice shot anyway.

  9. Looks kike a worker station where people go to both suit up and down before and after working hours. It maybe a farm or a barn??? Either way it is cool.

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