• Alex

    This is a mess??? Perhaps a renovation is in order but as judge by the photos this is better off torn down. I do not know if a make over is possible? If it is then this will be work!!! A lot of work!!!

  • conrad pranze villas

    What happened to this place? most of the things can still be renovated. Is the owner still alive or is this place totally abandoned?

  • David Tjoe

    I really thought this place wouldn’t be worth renovating. Even in one of the pictures, the ceiling of the house has created an unpleasant sight for me.

    • Oyeyipo Oladele

      The house looks so unkept and abandoned. But am pretty sure if given a renovations touches will come to be a modern house.

  • Richard

    Any of the oldtimer’s in Minerva and Olmsteadville, can furnish information about Aiden Lair. It is an historic building. My family and I have visited many times while vacationing nearby. During the 60’s and 70’s although starting to become run down, there was furniture and magazines that could be seen glancing through the windows. the architecture of the building is wonderful. Over the years much of the building has been vandalized. Some people have no pride or conscience, that is sad. During the 90’s I visited the owner who lived on Balfour Lake. He may still be alive, can not remember his name. There was a bronze plack describing Teddy Roosevelt’s stop over at Aiden Lodge on his way to Northcreek. President McKinley had been assassinated and Roosevelt became President.

    • Thomas Slatin

      Thank you for your comment, Richard. For the record, I visit and photograph histrionic properties for the purposes of preservation. I don’t touch anything, and I never vandalize or steal anything. My sole purpose there is documentation.

      • Richard

        Tom, my post was only to pass on information about Aiden Lair. I never intended for you to assume I was pointing to you committing vandalism.
        I admire all sorts of architecture. Since I have seen Aiden Lair when it was still intact during my first visit during the 1960’s, it’s very sad to see it now.

        • Thomas Slatin

          Agree, I would love to have seen this and many other historic locations preserved. Unfortunately, abandonment has become a very common approach in recent decades. Although I am not a vandal, many of the locations I have come across have been relatively saved from vandals simply by keeping their locations private. Unfortunately, Aiden Lair Lodge is on a main road and has fallen victim to vandals on an ongoing basis.

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