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Airplane Mechanic

Owls Head Transportation Museum

September 2016

20 responses to “Airplane Mechanic”

  1. A dedicated airplane mechanic. Well he really is very hooked to what he is doing. He really is very focused and keen to the machine he has in front of him. Especially that the machine is an antique.

  2. I really love the way the picture was taken. I can still smell the grease and oil from the picture.

  3. This looks like a dedicated mechanic that will give his client the best of his skills and services. The photo is good

  4. I always think of these mechanics a tier higher than as suppose to land based ones. I just have impression. The plane is awesome but the people are even better!!!

  5. Awesome photo of man and his aviation machine! Just gives us an idea of the innovations in the engine and design of aircraft. I imagine the task of curating and preserving these pieces of technology. Such dedication and skill!

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