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Airport Security Park

Airport Security Park

December 2019

20 responses to “Airport Security Park”

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful shot. Was this during sunrise or sunset? I love the warm orange glow that gradually melts into the pale blue in the horizon.

  2. Lovely sky view but what still gets me thinking is there is no light in the park. Isnt it suppose to be a security park? Why isnt there any light?

  3. This is beautiful. Looks really big from a distance photography. It’s a powder blue sky. Lovely

  4. This advertisement sells a lot, because it is in a high place, it is visible to people’s eyes and has striking colors.

  5. The bill board or should I say sign board is quite big enough to draw the necessary attention it requires. It quite a good shot though.

  6. I’ve said it before and I don’t mind saying it again. Your skills are out of this world! Great shot!!

  7. An attention grabber of a sign to say the least. I bet the PARK word is made of neon lights that light ups in the evening? At least this is how I see it. Ala Las Vegas and most places.

  8. The artistic work there is so good coupled with your decent work done on the photograph. I so much love this post for the clean shot you made Tom.

  9. The combination of colours is alluring.. The picture is always take great shots

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