August 2018

12 thoughts on “Alexithyma

  1. There’s something about black and white shots that just makes the so beautiful. Amazing shot indeed!

  2. It looks creepy how the vines crawl in the walls. It looks so old and lonely. Nice shot though.

  3. Someone must have been working on some repairs and left it halfway. They even forgot to store away the ladder.

  4. This is a good black and white shot. That haze effect is also nice. It brings not an eerie effect but something old yet magical.

  5. What does that mean? A phobia or a shot technique? Anyway, I will not climb these walls. I have fear of heights lol.

  6. oldies everywhere. it still good you always refresh our memories with long forgotten things. This is nostalgic.

  7. This picture definitely gives you the feeling of being lost for words. I love the definition and the majestic feel to it.

  8. I know this photo looks pretty cool to me. It gives this effect of a shot photo too. Though it description isn’t that clear.

  9. Building covered with plants.. Nice picture but adding some colour would have given it an attractive look

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