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January 2020

15 responses to “Alexithymia”

  1. I do not find a correlation between Alexithymia and this photo, because alexithymia is the inability to identify and express emotions and is found in people, this place may be where they perform medical treatment.

  2. Thank you previous comment for defining what it is. That said what does a building has anything to do with people? Let alone a health condition? However, you must be seeing something that I do not in this? Artistic choice/liberty I suppose.

  3. The caption though but this is a splendid shot. Giving viewers room to have various ideas of the shot.

  4. Wow, amazing definition. The city lighting is great and there’s so much great scenery to take in. Thanks for the awesome shot.

  5. The unique flickering light of the lamp blends nicely with the beautiful landscape that characterizes good night photos.

  6. I have to google what the caption means. I don’t know how it relates with the photo but it’s a nice shot!

  7. I nice shot, shows how beautiful the building is. Cant express in words what I am seeing. It’s a genius output Tom

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