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Alien Flower

July 2018

10 responses to “Alien Flower”

  1. Alien flower,yeah it really is because I’m yt to sight a flower like this in my location but it still look amazing to me.

  2. It definitely looks rather exotic. The shot indeed makes me think of lone gigantic flora in the middle of an alien violet landscape.

  3. If there was ever a flower from outer-space, this would be it. It looks like it could belong to an ocean as well.

  4. What a colorful and good looking plant. Tom I really appreciate this display to nature showed by you. Thanks a lot boss.

  5. Lovely looking flower. I don’t think I have really seen an ulgu flower. There are always very colorful.

  6. Took a good photo at the flower. The look of the type of the flower absolutely looks like it’s from another planet.

  7. This is definitely alien. Not of planetary or dimensional origins at least I think so but rather alien because it is unknown. My pick would be option 2.

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