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Alien Sculpture

Alien Sculpture

December 2019

18 responses to “Alien Sculpture”

  1. That beautiful sculpture, something different, has a similarity to an alien with three eyes, is preserved in good condition.

  2. This sculpture is really quite exquisite. It looks like the Iris of an eye, hmmm , could it actually represent that of an alien? Very interesting

  3. Very alien. I think this piece could be open to many interpretations. Very unique and thought provoking.

  4. I would not call it ALIEN just a bit out of the box? What does it do though? It is something we do not see everyday. For sure.

  5. The caption definitely suit the photo. This looks strange but I’m sure it too a great effort to put this together.

  6. It’s really hard for me to try to describe this as an alien sculpture. Well, it does look weird because I’m having trouble figuring out what this thing is.

  7. It really looks out of this world. Those eyes have an eerie look to them I can’t quite place. The artist really did good with this piece.

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