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28 responses to “Aliferous”

  1. Such a perfect contrast between the cloudless blue sky and the dominant red building. Very well shot.

  2. The house looks so beautiful and colorful. You made the shot from the perfect angle.

  3. This house appears appealing and is a symbol of serenity. It is such a beautiful shot.

  4. Looks like this is a warehouse. This building has its own characteristics with red paint and many windows around the building.

  5. I think the second floor don’t have any ceiling. The roof really close to the rooms.

  6. Amazing shot, I love the contrast of cold and warm colors , the topic and the fact that the picture looks very clean.

  7. This is so colorful, I like the red shiny color I.m seeing here. Well done for a job that really look neat.

  8. Wow, what a beauty to behold. For the record, I just download this picture, its gonna be on my screensaver. Thanks for this beauty

  9. Looks like a farm warehouse in a field. This colour is really lovely, I wish the sky is as blue as this.

  10. The huge tree on the foreground looks scary. I can only imagine what it would look like under some moonlight.

  11. The red color of the building compliments the blue sky nicely. This picture really stands out.

  12. Clear blue sky, newly refurbished shed and a dead old tree. What else is missing? nothing, these three things in the picture is perfect.

  13. I don’t think I have ever seen a sky as blue as this one in my life. I think you might have used a few enhancements to achieve it.

  14. I like the sky blue sky, it really creamy to the eyes. The background of the photo too is lovely.

  15. I do not know what the word means but it sure looks like a very good day, Peace and quiet a bit too lonely but you cannot have it all. Good shot.

  16. I like the vibrant colors of the sky and the building ( a mill or a barn or a house ). I wish it will rain because this place seems very dry.

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