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All That I Ever Was

May 2017

25 responses to “All That I Ever Was”

  1. This shed once stood by itself in this big space, I wonder what it was actually used for? It is decapitated now and useless.

  2. Everybody needs resilience. If life is a journey. Then, as far as we have walked until now, how many times have we fallen?

  3. This house embodies the struggles in our lives. We may fall sometines but it should not hinder us in moving forward. This is an encouragement for every person that we should be stronger for what tomorrow might bring.

  4. I feel the pain with the owner. This is a complete damage. You made the photograph a clean one.

  5. This house has proven its purpose. To protect and serve those who enter its domain.

  6. This looks like a farm house, memories here are lost just as the hurt goes down. I love this picture, so peaceful.

  7. Wow, how on Earth did you locate such an old house. It looks like it’s been abandoned for centuries.

  8. This looks like a shelter in the farm, for relaxation. This output is really fantastic and, cool. This structure is gone.

  9. It’s seems the house has done it’s purpose and is about to collapse from wear and tear. Good photography.

  10. The cottage looks like the result of a torpedo. Hopefully no one was caught up when it went down.

  11. The title sounds like something the house would say if it could talk. Very creative touch there Thomas.

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