• esgyll

    It sure does look like that wall has been through quite a lot – having been used as a canvas of some adventurous, maybe even delinquent youths, whose chaotic minds found solace in what could have been once a pristine white wall.

    I can understand them, having gone through such episodes myself where I found my own solace in blank white papers of notebooks writing down everything I wanted and on blank white paper on sketchbooks. It does give such a wonderful feeling once you’ve let all of your inner turmoil out.

  • miakayuuki2012

    Isn’t it suppose to be the other way around? Anyway, I guess it works too even in life. The sun shines after every rain subsides. Although, that is not always the case. The world is round after all. What comes up must come down and what goes around comes around? Everything works in balance.

  • Lisa Pellegrene

    I love your black and white photography and love black and white photos in general. Your statement resonates with how when overcoming obstacles in life one can feel the stress, and then the calm comes once the obstacles, looked at as opportunities to do better, are overcome. Then there is calm, peace and the joy of success!!! (in many regards).

  • Femi Logo

    A stormy cloud that looks as if it want to rain and everybody has left the zone for their homes but unfortunately, it didn’t rain. Nice shot and caption

  • brainedet

    This shot is so beautiful, this looks a rare shot but awesomely done. This can also be ascribe to situation in life, there’s always a ray of hope even in stressful situation.

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