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All Your Luck’s Run Out On You

All Your Luck's Run Out On You


32 responses to “All Your Luck’s Run Out On You”

  1. Fitting caption given the roof has disappeared. Love the open green space. You are excellent at finding worthwhile footage.

  2. That building is really dilapidated, but the bright and colourful sky, the green grass and open fieldgives hope for a brighter tomorrow . I love the shot.

  3. Maybe a storm or hurricane came across that house. The place was very beautiful though.

  4. This is a nice shot though the house looks a bit destroyed. But you added sharpness to the shot still.

  5. This is a very awesome distance shot, though I am still thinking why is there a car abandoned with the structure. I know memories is going down with this house.

  6. Never always depend on one result. Put a plan-B for trial for safe placing.

  7. Could that be some castle in a green farmland. The environment looks what I will love to be in.

  8. This is a wonderful shot though the house is in a miserable condition. You have indeed added some sharpness to the shot.

  9. Oh wow, the car is almost covered by the grass, and the house looks in a very poor condition as well… what a contrast for the beautiful sky.

  10. Well, with such a situation badly damaged house and old car. But at least you can still enjoy the beauty of the natural surroundings. 🙂

  11. Beautifully captured, although the house is slightly destroyed and the car is slightly visible but the surroundings is nice. You did a good job capturing this one.

  12. This is a nicely captured shot. I would really like to stay in this time of place.

  13. Nothing is permanent I guess. Although if your luck has run out or you are on a slump it is best to bounce back as soon as you could. The house does not look that bang up though. It can still be fixed and the sky is beautiful.

  14. I have went through a similar situation before, when my dad lost his job while i was still in college. It was very stressful and we had to only eat canned food for a long while. But my mom really worked hard to pull us through it all. Dad luckily got a job. When everything is almost lost, we will all be in despair. But if you have people to look out for you through thick and thin, you know you can trust everything would turn out alright.

  15. Being able to capture the essence of a living thing is easy. But having a picturesque non-living thing is of great achievement. Thank you for this photo!

  16. I love how calming and peaceful this landcape looks. It is a great place for some meditation.

  17. This photo simply has the perfect lighting. It helped a lot that the camera was quite good too.

  18. I have said it before and wouldn’t mind saying it again. You have the best nature shots ever.

  19. I wish I knew how you set up your camera to take such lovely shots. You should share the secret.

  20. No much is left for the small house. It is a matter of time before it get’s down.

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