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Alone In A Heavy Fog

April 2018

16 responses to “Alone In A Heavy Fog”

  1. The fog really makes looks everything so mysterious. And yet, this picture is also very alive, despite being mostly black and white. I can almost feel the mist rolling around me cloaking me with cold, deeply probing fingers down to my bones.

  2. This is looks pleasant to the eyes I wish I can be in it for a while,maybe it will help me clear my head. lovely shot

  3. This is a nice picture.. A bit blurry..Tom do something about your site.. It exhaust too much data

  4. This is a perfect black and white background. The fog is creating a misty environment. The leafless tree is looking dull but perfect for the scene.

  5. Now that’s so horror level photo right there. It seems like the fog and length of the tree did it for me. It looks like a scary clown can be there waiting for you.

  6. You are just always good when it gets to perfect shots from a nice angle. The black and white color is pretty cool. The tree is really alone there though.

  7. That’s exactly representation of loneliness, being surronded by people but covered for a mist that makes you feel alone.

  8. This black and white effect has a really cool effect on the photo. It makes it a bit old and creepy to look at the same time.

  9. I would not want to be near it for sure. It looks super creepy as if something can just take me from behind. Strangely, I find it beautiful but yeah I will keep my distance.

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