Alone In My Own Abandon

I was inspired today to write this post after posting a status update on Facebook that read, “Thomas W.P. Slatin wonders why she uses Facebook when nobody ever writes anything to her.”

I wrote this update out of sadness. Sadness that despite trying to keep in touch with all of my friends over the years, I’ve moved into the digital era and joined Facebook, where all of my friends can connect with me and all of their friends in real-time. However despite my active “liking” of their posts, posting comments, and writing on their walls, it seems that nobody is interested in keeping in touch with me.

It goes far above and beyond Facebook; I had the same problem with MySpace. Take my website for example. For years (a little over a decade), I had lots of traffic. Lots. Lately I’ve had close to none. My friends used to always stop by and send me e-mails, comment on things, and best of all, send me some of their own original content to “plug” for them. Not anymore. Everyone I know just keeps me at arm’s length. I’m a friend on Facebook that nobody really cares about; that one friend in a group of friends that nobody likes.



  • Chris

    I do a little writing and I thought of the phrase “…in my own abandon”. I was wondering if I had heard it somewhere and googled it. This was the top hit.

    I think it’s slightly ironic given the subject of your post and just thought I’d share. Hope you’re feeling better.

    • Thomas

      I’m feeling better because I’ve recently realized that I’m a major introvert, unlike my friends (all extroverts). Thanks for letting me know that my blog post is #1 in the google rankings!

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