An Errant Heat To The Star

I sometimes find myself feeling akin to a stray wisp of heat from a distant star—present, yet seemingly inconsequential, lost amidst the grandeur of the universe. This feeling envelops me silently, a whisper of isolation that echoes through the vast chambers of my existence.

I have danced through the rhythms of life, weaving my essence into the fabric of my community, my family, and my friendships. Yet, despite these connections, moments arrive unannounced, bringing with them a profound sense of being left out, of being forgotten. These are the moments when laughter and conversation swirl around me, not quite touching me, when I feel like an observer in my own life, disconnected from the warmth of shared experiences.

Reflecting on this, I realize that like that errant heat, I am a byproduct of myriad reactions, my essence a compilation of my experiences, thoughts, and emotions. And in this realization, I find a bittersweet solace. Perhaps there is beauty in being this solitary spark—unique, unseen, but nonetheless integral to the cosmic dance.

The feeling of being forgotten is not unique to me; it’s a universal thread that weaves through the human experience, touching each of us at different junctures. In the grand scheme of things, we all are like stars in the vast universe, each shining brightly, yet often feeling unnoticed in the overwhelming expanse.

But just as every star has its place in the galaxy, every whisper of heat its role in the cosmic ballet, I too have my place. And in my quieter moments, when I feel most detached, I remind myself that the value of my existence is not measured by the frequency with which I am remembered by others, but by the intensity and sincerity of the light I emit.

I embrace my solitary journey, knowing that even as an errant heat to the star, I play a part in the celestial symphony. And perhaps, in the grand interconnectedness of all things, being occasionally overlooked is not an indication of insignificance, but a momentary pause in the endless cycle of recognition and forgetfulness.

In this vast, beautiful, and often indifferent universe, I am a singular spark. I am fleeting, yet eternal; solitary, yet part of the whole. And in this paradox, I find a profound sense of belonging. For even in the moments of feeling left out or forgotten, I am, in my essence, an indelible part of the fabric of existence, quietly contributing to the symphony of the cosmos in ways I may never fully comprehend.

April 4, 2024


    • Thomas Slatin

      Thank you, Suzanne, for your curiosity and support. Yesterday, I attended a fundraiser for the local library where they offered all-you-can-eat pie for a modest donation of $10. At the event, someone approached me, inquiring about my journey into writing and my initial career in the fire department. My story begins with a deep-rooted passion for literature, cultivated from a young age as I would devour encyclopedias, treating them like captivating novels. My dream was to co-found a software company with my best friend, where I would handle the visual design and he would manage the programming. Tragically, his path veered into drugs and alcohol, derailing our plans and prompting me to enlist in the fire department on my 18th birthday. My tenure as a firefighter was rich with experiences that shaped my insights into the human condition, fueling my writing. After retiring at 40, I dedicated myself fully to exploring and writing on such themes. Your continual support and encouragement have been invaluable to me throughout this journey! ❤️

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