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October 2016


16 responses to “Analog”

  1. Analog radio? Come to think of it analog technology is better than what we have now. In my opinion sure these lack the frills so to speak but they get the job done and a lot tougher too. Substance over form I like that.

  2. Analog machine with its difficulty to operate, thank goodness that almost everything is digitalize now and it make operations very easy.

  3. Gone are the days when appliances and other stuff don’t break too easily. Digital technologies provide a lot more now, but I could also do with some old school analog technologies every now and then.

  4. Analog technology are more secured and reliable. Some developed countries still make use of it. Lovely memory lane. Thanks Tom.

  5. Sometimes I feel like to think that analog era is much better. It is true that it takes much effort but somehow make us tougher as human.

  6. What a great world we as in. Analog was in trend then, now is digital very here and there. The only thing am yet to see is a digital being. Nice shot there Tom.

  7. I’m not sure about what type of object is this, was it a camera?
    it’s always nice to see the technology from past to get to understand the one in present.

  8. The caption goes so well with the photo. I can remember this anslog radio that was my granny best companion years ago.

  9. It would be amazing if this radio could still work. I am sure with a little modification it still can.

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