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Angry Chair


December 2015

22 responses to “Angry Chair”

  1. What a broken chair, it been long I saw a thing of this nature Lol, maybe because I take care of my things properly

  2. this is not even a chair? For one it is broken and you cannot sit on it. Sorry to say this but to me may as well make a new one or buy one? This chair has seen better days.

  3. This is so funny, angry chair indeed. With a one time repair, the chair will be upright again. Thanks for the meaningful post.

  4. This chair can still be repaired. The frame and the support is still intact. It just needs a good craftsman that can make the repair.

  5. I think this chair can be restored. though It needs some attention I’m sure it can be useful for a while after getting repaired.

  6. Remembered when I sat on a chair like this and pinned my balls, I almost fainted. Through this chair in this state are angry.

  7. It seems that someone was angry at the chair, and decided to wreck it. And I’m fairly sure that chair still contains a bit of repressed anger at being wrecked in such a fashion. If it can still be salvaged, a few choice repairs, a comfy cushion, and some tender loving care would make it a more pleasant sight

    On the other hand, maybe it would be best to have it properly broken down into kindling or recyclable materials; being neither here nor there doesn’t really suit that chair at all.

  8. When you seat on this chair and it pins your bumbum, you will know why Tom call this an angry chair. Lovely shot, great caption

  9. You manage to make even simple everyday things look like works of art. That is what makes you a good photographer.

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