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October 2015

23 responses to “Apocalypse”

  1. This house if it gives me chills to see it, looks like the house of Dracula, hahaha by the way it is good for recording horror movies.

  2. Another odd looking house again today. But I always like the color used for this houses. Though it look weird.

  3. This is something that we all ask and afraid? To me though doomsday is something that happens regularly. The dinosaurs got theirs so how about us???

  4. What a pity, how will this beauty be forgotten so soon. This are areas like, cool, silent and far from noise. Lovely shot

  5. I like this house, it looks abandoned and deteriorated but I like it. I wish It were mine so I could restore it.

  6. Another one bites the dust! This photo reminds me of Hotel Transylvania. You’ll never really know what to expect inside.

  7. Love this pic! Not sure if I understand the caption though. This house looks inviting to me and has colorful surroundings. Maybe that’s just to lure you in!

  8. The structure looks like a royal house of some territories. I love the picture quality. Thanks for sharing this Tom.

  9. Another abandoned house that would have served a purpose if it was well taken care of. It all good any way

  10. Once a castle, abandoned and left for weeds to occupy. Will love a renovation look. Can I get that soon??

  11. You are brave to have even gotten close to the house. I don’t think I would go anywhere near it.

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