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As The Day Turns Into Night

August 2013

21 responses to “As The Day Turns Into Night”

  1. Everything has a cycle, a beginning, and an end, just like life, it is nice to appreciate these little details that life offers us, like feeling the air between our fingers when we raise our hands.

  2. It looks like it’s about to rain hard on that beautiful grass. Another wonderful picture.

  3. This type of weather excites me the most. what a beautiful place with cloudy weather shown here.

  4. Well this is just nature. The cycle of life. This just shows that the only thing that is constant is CHANGE. The Dawn is a middle point of it and a sunset is amazing.

  5. This place Is ever gonna be a place to remember, just perfect. How can I keep my field this green??

  6. I see a deeper meaning to the title. There’s time for everything and it is good we acknowledge that

  7. My heart is filled with peace looking at this photo. I couldn’t thank you enough for sharing.

  8. I wouldn’t mind buying this and hanging it on my wall. Yes, it is actually that good!

  9. The green extends all the way to the horizon. That’s what I call the perfect landscape.

  10. I much prefer such an environment to the busy city life. There’s just so much calmness.

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