• Meldred Judith

    This old house is a bit creepy to look at. Located in a very secluded area too, adding up to the chills.

  • Alex

    Welcome to the twilight zone ha ha. This is creepy. A bit of people in it would be nice but as it is alone? the middle of nowhere no way. The motif does not help that dark lighting is not enticing. Sorry but I will never be here nor go in it.

  • jolly555

    As the sun set the house is looking so dim but in a lovely way. It helps makes the ambiance really inviting.

  • Glad

    When the sun sets it casts a shadow over a building signifying that the night is coming. Looking at this building it would really be scary getting caught inside at night time.

  • Wilson Jake

    As the sun set, this house looks scary. I can’t stay that late in that area. Lovely effect, I love black and white effect

  • Mark Janeo

    This old house is somewhat dreadful to take a gander at. Situated in a segregated region as well, signifying the chills.

  • Prince

    As the sun goes down, darkness takes control. Looks more scary without the lightening. Lovely picture

  • saviourv

    As the sun sets, some creatures come to rest, but others come alive. The darkness elicits both hope and fear in most of us, for varying reasons.

    I’d be a bit wary about visiting that empty-looking house during the night, though. I mean, who knows what terrors might lurk within it?

  • Clarissa

    I love seeing sun sets but if I’m going to view it from this angle I wouldn’t, it’s so scary. I love the black and white touch, so effective.

  • brainedet

    My black and white gave the house a different Outlook but I doubt one can still stay in here after sunset.

  • Janine Bocateja

    I would love to give those bushes a trim. The ambience and the place is so peaceful that I can only hear are the chirping of the birds in the morning and the howling of the wolves at night.

  • conrad pranze villas

    this place reminds me of my childhood. me and my friends were going around our neighborhood when we found this old creepy house. we found out later that it was a whorehouse.

  • David Mureithi

    The angle of the picture looks like when the sun sets. The sun acts like the sun and the trees the horizon.

  • esgyll

    As the sun goes down, everything takes on a different feel to them. It’s the same for this house, now it looks like some house I’d rather not spend the night alone in. It probably looks different and feels different in the day.

  • Storm

    This cabin should be converted to a motel or something. Leaving it to rot away like this isn’t prudent.

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