• Saanvi Parmar

    It is quite possible to grief on something we lost. We have to think of the future as happiness lies there.

  • Brain

    Happiness is for both now and the future. So anything we can make to enable it happen should be welcomed.

  • Alex

    Happiness starts from within. Life happens and at times we cannot help but be down. The trick is do not dwell on it for too long. Life is too short for regrets…

  • conrad pranze villas

    Happiness is a choice. If we look around us, we can find little joy in the most unusual place.

  • jolly555

    All we should seek is happiness and it is one gift that’s free. so the most we can do is to receive it, it is free

  • Prince

    Its interesting how our choices changes while we grow, just like a flash. Even our plans when we younger as we can still remember does seems real like” how could I think of this things”. Lovely piece guy

  • esgyll

    Life is really a mystery. You really do not know where you are headed, and you do not also know the paths that you must take in order for you to get there. Grieving over things that are lost are also a part of that journey – we cannot simply always have everything we want in our journey through life.

  • Wv2s

    People and children have a tendency to cling to things or people, I think that you have to let go of both people and things in order not to suffer.

  • Raya

    It must be so nice to hear your own words being narrated by other people. Thank you for sharing this. It’s indeed a lovely read!

  • David Tjoe

    Something that we want sometimes is not something we need. And often times we feel we need something, but in reality we only want it. That’s life!

  • Maury Cheskes

    I really love your points on how time will heal and when we were young we were way less aware of that. The journey becomes more interesting as we grow more immune and perseverant to life’s challenges. Love the soundtrack and it really amplified your words with more sensation and intensity. Thanks for opening the great discussion.

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