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Author Kai Beck Reads Maybe Someday I Will Understand Why By Thomas Slatin

Kai Beck

(Remix by Jordan Krumbine)

Maybe Someday I Will Understand Why

18 responses to “Author Kai Beck Reads Maybe Someday I Will Understand Why By Thomas Slatin”

  1. I prefer this audio version to be honest ha ha. Seriously though I just saw the article of this guy celebrating 10 years of excellence!!! Good stuff and again congratulations.

  2. I really like the idea of doing an audio version. I am an auditory learner, i can easily catch up just by listening.

  3. It’s amazing how you been so youung could have a clear idea about what you wanted, and that youwanted to pursuit happiness by doing what youreally wanna do.

  4. Well, listening to this story has led me to remember my youth. So many wild dreams when I was young.

  5. This presents a new way of consuming your content. I rarely see you uploading audio. This is much appreciated Tom.

  6. When life has no passion, don’t expect you to enjoy this truly beautiful life. Living a passionate life can make it easier for you to live life and overcome obstacles that arise.

  7. This sound track make me have memories of my younger days. We all have stories. Thanks for this memory giving post.

  8. The audio version of your post is always a relief, I get to receive all the details as expected. Good one

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