• Meldred Judith

    We should not mind what other people think as long as we are not stepping on anyones pride. People should focus more on improving one’s self instead.

  • Alex

    Fear is a natural human instinct and it is okay. What matters is what we do in state of fear. That is true courage.

  • Brain

    Life itself is fearful, we should never be scare to live it even when it is that way. I take my life into my hands.

  • Clarissa

    So true, during our childhood days we want to grow fast. When we’re old we want to go back to childhood days. Great audio recordings.

  • vikram parmar

    There is no need to think what other people believe. People should focus on improving themselves.

  • Wilson Jake

    Our past is important but one shouldn’t live more on them. Focus on what the future holds. I love the fact that you visited your past but dont stay stuck there. Move on

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    Move on is the key to succeeding. Looking or listening to side talks from mockers will only make one stand still at a particular point. Get focused and continue with what you need to attain the highest height.

  • conrad pranze villas

    We must not allow anyone to under estimate us. No one can tell us what we can or cannot do. Our very life depends on us, not those people around us.

  • Prince

    Side talks atimes makes us who we are, though little of them are healthy criticism. Like you did, we keep believing and pressing on. There is always like at the end of the tunnel

  • David Tjoe

    Life is easy and simple, the wild ones are our thoughts. Worries about bad things like negative comments and bad images never happen if we stop caring about what other people think.

  • Glad

    There’s nothing wrong with having fears, it is the ability to conquer the fears that matters. Neither should you be bothered about what people say about you, except when they say the wrong things about you.

  • Maury Cheskes

    Very reflective and heartwarming message. It must have been a very emotional experience for you seeing your childhood neighbourhood and reconnecting with one of your childhood heroes. I agree, that life is short and we should tell the ones we love how important they are to us. The beauty about writing, recordings and photographs is that you get to hold onto a moment in time forever.

  • jolly555

    My fears are really confronted by me now. I have come to realize that fears become big when we magnify it in our mind.

  • saviourv

    As you so mentioned, Tom, one day, you will be a ghost too. And as much as you should let those you love know that you cherish them immensely, keep some room open to be loved and cherished in return.

    True, heroes may fade into the mists of history, but for those who you directly or indirectly aided in Life, you may remain a hero to them, long after your passing.

    So give your knowledge and wisdom to those who ask sincerely for it, never expecting anything in return, and perhaps, they might come back to you and say, “Tom, you taught me so much about Life. Thank you for being MY hero.”

    That, I guess, is one way of achieving immortality. Trees will die, environments will change, but whatever you’ve given to others will surely provide for many more people along the road.

    Have faith, Tom. The journey isn’t over yet.

  • David Mureithi

    I always fall in love with whatever you do. You are so determined to have the best. the quality of your stuffs is key.

  • Meg W

    The fear I Barbour is the fear of growing old. Unfortunately we all have some fear we are dealing with.

  • Daphne

    Thanks for pointing out the issue of overplanning. A lot of people overplan and with unrealistic goals too.

  • Teddy

    Tom you seem like the kind of person who does a lot of selof reflection and evaluation. I like that a lot.

  • Sylvia

    Thanks so much Tom for sharing some of your fears. I wouldn’t be surprised if many people have more or less the same fears as you.

  • Mariz Tina Mispeñas

    When we were young, fear is much greater for us. Even in small things we get to fear those. But as we grew older we have so much emotion in us that we can never explain. We express ourselves in every possible way we can.

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