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September 2018

14 responses to “Autumn”

  1. Autumn is one season some people detest…The green grass in the picture makes it attractive…the dry leaf though…

  2. Autumn is that period where you have to be ready to welcome a new season of the year. This leaf tells it all. Old tings have dried get new ones ready.

  3. I don’t really like autumn,give me summer any time any day. I don’t like when trees changed color to yellow or brown and the leaves maybe start falling off. But this photo still looks okay.

  4. I still like autumn season. It still always relaxing for me. I still like the photo as it is this greenish.

  5. The fading green is a sign of a fading season and a start of a new season. Such photos resonates with the meaning of the season.

  6. One of the reasons why I love Autumn is that for me is a season of evaluating my strengths. Its a time that I always take stock of my life.

  7. Autumn and spring are my favorite seasons. Nothing beats the smell of fallen leaves on the ground.

  8. I love how nature recycles everything even dead leaves. We live in a beautiful world 🙂

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