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Back On Track


March 2016

14 responses to “Back On Track”

  1. Really, can someone be back on track with such a messy rail. You did capture well but it would have been better with more colors.

  2. Railway track is something I see only on television.. Good picture though..a little bit fuzzy but nice

  3. I enjoyed black and white photos. Seems an old railway. I wonder how lively the place once before.

  4. I love how you captured the small details of the railway. I can see how old ad wasted it looks ad that makes the picture very interestig.

  5. I learned from my research that the rule of symmetrical was applied on this photo. As you can see, both sides are symmetrical with each other.

  6. Back in the day railway I believe. I can imagine how fascinating it was before now. I like this shot.

  7. I miss traveling back to my hometown. There is an old track where the train from the city to the provinces pass. I only rode it twice before.

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