• photogeek23

    Living in New York City for so long, I always appreciated visiting friends in Vermont and enjoying the chance to decompress.

    • Thomas Slatin

      I was born and raised in New York City and had a very abusive father. Around age eight we moved to a different part of New York, and during the course of my career in the fire department, I lived and/or worked in every part of New York State. Having vacationed in Vermont, it soon became my goal to live here, and on my 41st birthday, I left behind the first house I’d ever owned along with my almost 19 year relationship with my girlfriend. I bought my dream house here in Vermont, moved in with a woman I’d met on Twitter (now my wife), and retired from the fire department. Life is good.

  • photogeek23

    What part of New York City? I was born and raised in Queens. As an adult, I lived in the heart of Hell’s Kitchen for eight years.

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