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Barn Shop Window

Barn Shop Window

June 2014

23 responses to “Barn Shop Window”

  1. This looks like a photo from a classic movie. The color is really nice and dreamy. I love the capturing you did.

  2. I am still thinking what those bulbs are used for, decoration or abandoned? Nice angle and detailed output

  3. Creativity will not seize from coming up from the talented fellows. The shoot was taken with a reasonable mind. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It could be said that the window is multipurpose and serves for all three things at the same time, it should be noted its clarity from inside.

  5. a window opens when a door closes. I do not know why but that is what comes to my mind when I see this. Come to think of it we all wish the same thing. 2020 a lot of door closed but come the new year we hope that a window opens to a better future.

  6. Such a beautiful picture. The angle and contrast of the color gives emphasis to the subject of the picture.

  7. What a window. It seems it facing the sun from this photo. Could the window be left this broken for future repairs?

  8. Too early for frost, if that date you mentioned is any indication. But it does feel a bit like there was some frost on either the window or the branches.

    Or maybe I’m over-thinking things. Great shot, as usual, Tom.

    *gives him a thumbs-up…*

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