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Batman (Alternate Take)

October 2020

12 responses to “Batman (Alternate Take)”

  1. I prefer the first photo but this is good too. I still prefer the modern Batman not the Brave & the Bold version. Then again that is just me.

  2. Okay this is really cool to the eyes. The positioning makes it more outstanding, even with the color.

  3. Murals are a great way to adorn the city, they are great to see most of the time and they turn boring walls into buildings with personality.

  4. From this point of view, it seems that I prefer the previous image. The previous image gives a more unique impression with the appearance of various other different buildings.

  5. As we all know, Batman is famous to everyone in different ages. A hero for the people of Gotham though. Hope that this mural of Batman gives the perspective of being vigilant anywhere.

  6. I just do not like batman. He is so overrated. Well, that is just me. I’d rather choose tony stark, if we are talking about billionaire-turned-superhero

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