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October 2020

24 responses to “Batman”

  1. Who doesn’t like the creepy looking batman. oh well I do and I like this photo here too. The vibrant color is cool.

  2. This mural seems very creative to me because I use the bricks on the wall to give the mural more reality, when my son looks at it he likes it too much, because Batman is his favorite animated character.

  3. This is the Brave & The Bold version if I am not mistaken? That said, this may sound weird but I do not like it as much. It feels like something is missing unlike the previous work. If anything this feels more of a graffiti than an art I guess. Sorry but I am just being honest.

  4. Wow… Batman is back again after the previous post showed the street atmosphere of Rutland. I wonder who made this, so talented!

  5. Whaooo, this made !e remember my best film then, the bat man. Thanks for this memory bringing post.

  6. Imagine waking up every morning and seeing this mural! It would inspire all of us to be extra heroic!! Batman’s a legend and will stay a timeless character.

  7. Just seeing this moral every day is one thing I crave for. I love batman and this make me love this creativity more. Good job

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