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Because The Night

Because The Night

February 2020

14 responses to “Because The Night”

  1. Wow! So beautiful and the angle is just right. Yeah! Where does the smoke coming from?? Perfect ambiance.

  2. I love the fog and the lighting in this photo. Really sinister feel and reminiscent of Gotham city in my opinion. Thanks for sharing.

  3. For me the night is beautiful, magnificent shot on a cold night.
    You can see the stop of the buses, to give way to the pedestrian path.

  4. This is a beautiful place made even more beautiful by the lights in the night..the smoke gives a the picture a unique look

  5. Is this a smoke generated by a car exhaust or from an open burning. Lovely night picture that’s still shows details of the street . Its awesome

  6. This is more a silent night, every looks calm and cool to me. This was a shot well taken even at night.

  7. This is a great concept, only a professional can take this. I understand a vehicle left before taking this shot. This is lovely and cute

  8. The picture quality is so clean and clear. I love taking shots at night because of the brilliant lightening. Good and great post.

  9. It sure looks like a peaceful night. The steam just makes everything look somewhat magical.

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