• David Mureithi

    Someone help me understand how the bed happens to be behind the bath. Or was there something like a fight or maybe it’s a store or something. Anyway, nice capture.. lot of details in the pic.

  • Obalade Damilola

    The bed is scruffy..the bath is dirty..how come both are beside each other?..I guess the house is an abandoned one

  • Amelia Desertsong

    This photo was taken in October 2018 at the former Westholm Hotel in Stamford, New York, which today lies in ruin. Fortunately, Thomas took many photographs here, as it was a part of her childhood as one of her friend’s parents owned it in the 80’s and 90’s. The current owner of the property did want to restore it, but plans never came together.

    For a town once known for its fancy hotels, Stamford has none of its famous resorts left. This was second to last of them to bow out, with the Eagle’s Nest the only one still standing, barely, in 2023, although it too is abandoned.

    As it was, unlike some abandoned buildings that are left as time capsules, in most rooms there was definite effort to do some very strange sort of rearranging and storage. Why one would stuff discarded mattresses into a bathroom, I haven’t a clue. These two mattresses were already done for years ago, and even the porcelain tub may not have been salvageable even at the time. Obviously, it’s all buried now. At least photos like these of the Westholm capture at least something of what was once one of Stamford’s crowned jewels.

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