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Bedroom Cave-In


18 responses to “Bedroom Cave-In”

  1. If not already going through the process of bulldozing….what else will make this room this shattered and cluttered…… lovely caption Toms

  2. Very nice picture, it makes me think of chaos. Sometimes when things go wrong life can feel like this room

  3. This bedroom was in bad state before falling apart this way. I’m sure it was an abandoned place, because this can’t be remedied.

  4. The bedroom looks dangerous. The wall looks like it can fall over any time. Hope you don’t get yourself in very dangerous situations just to get the perfect shot.

  5. This is not caving in? It is already breaking down. I cannot help but notice that it is shot beautifully though. You are finding beauty in chaos literally. Thanks!!!

  6. It seems like the person who abandoned the room left in a hurry. It will take a lot of time and effort to get it in order.

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