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April 2018

17 responses to “Bibliomania”

    • This was one of the tiny handful of places which I have photographed which will forever stick out in my mind as unique. This entire house was covered in thousands of old books. Books literally covered every square inch of the floor space in this house. Enough easilly to fill a small library, perhaps. There are some locations I will probably never forget. This was one of them.

  1. No better way to say it. I feel like someone who hoards books this hard has got to be a madcap.

  2. Wow so many books. It’s so amazing to find a house full of books. Bookworms will truly enjoy that house.

  3. This house must have housed a full time reader. I’m a book lover but yet to have a quarter of that quantities of books.

  4. I’m pretty sure there are some valuable manuscripts in this collection. Vintage books can be so valuable.

  5. This place is extremely cluttered.. Is it a library?..why is the place so cluttered?

  6. This must have been an old library that was abandon and forgotten. These are too many books to belong to one person.

  7. lt’s so sad that these books are left in a very bad shape. I hope there still books that can be read.

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